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RCX 2205 2350KV


Delivery: 2-5 days


Still one of the best deals on the market for a quality motor! RCX 2205 2300KV is a main competitor for Cobra 2204 2300KV. Nice thrust, excellent performance, high efficiency and quality. We have flown on RCX 2205 2350 KV and we are delighted! 

They are a little less resistant to impacts than Cobra motors, but such power at this price is a really good deal !


- Model: 2205
- KV: 2350
- Weight: 24.5 g
- Shaft diameter: 3 mm
- Shaft length: 16.5 mm
- Propeller mount: M5
- Motor mount: M3

Produkt tymczasowo niedostępny, ale już do nas leci!

Wybierz wariant i podaj e-mail, a powiadomimy Cię, gdy znów pojawi się na stanie :)