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LittleBee 30A BL14

17.00 € 20.00

Delivery: 2-5 days


Bigger and meaner sibling of LittleBee 20A

it has all the features that made its little brother famous... though it can handle much more! 

Continuing family tradition - its one of the smallest 30A ESC on the market. 

Thanks to that it can be easily fitted on frame arms (unlike KISS 30A). 

We tested it in some real tough conditions... and it delivered!

- Battery: 2-6S Lipo
Current: 30A (35A peak)
- Weight: 11 g (with cables and heat-shrink)
- Size: 35 mm x 17 mm x 3 mm
- Processor: Silabs
- BEC: Brak
- Software: BLHeli 14

Produkt tymczasowo niedostępny, ale już do nas leci!

Wybierz wariant i podaj e-mail, a powiadomimy Cię, gdy znów pojawi się na stanie :)