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Gemfan Master Series Props 5045 BN-3 Triblade [light blue]


Delivery: 2-5 days


Flagship Gemfan' triblades! Super design and quality.

Not as strong as DAL' props, but with slightly better performance.

Gemfan Master Series Props 5045BN-3 Triblade are quaite demanding to motors and ESC's, so we don't recommend them for motors with KV higher than 2300.

See also Gemfan Master Series Props 5045BN-3 in red, yellow and green colour.


2 x L and 2 x R 

Produkt tymczasowo niedostępny, ale już do nas leci!

Wybierz wariant i podaj e-mail, a powiadomimy Cię, gdy znów pojawi się na stanie :)