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Foxeer 5.8GHz 40CH TM200 200mW

25.00 € 30.00

Delivery: 2-5 days


Less powerfull version of popular Foxeer 600 mW allowing more pilots to fly together without interences. Very reliable with decent size and weight!

Equipped with comfortable channel switcher and display. As a standard, Foxeer TM200 features Racebands.

A big plus is ready plug for Foxeer/HS1177 FPV camera and option to power it directly from the transmiter (5V).

- Power: 200 mW
- Connector RP-SMA
- Channels: 40
- Power supply: 7V-24 V
- Raceband: YES
- Dimensions: 33 mm x 20 mm x 6 mm
- Weight: 7g


Produkt tymczasowo niedostępny, ale już do nas leci!

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