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DAL T5045 Triblades [black]


Delivery: 2-5 days


Absolutely solid props! DAL T5045 have such power, that not every configuration is ready for them (we advise not to use motors over 2300 KV). 

By, they give you unlimitted amounts of joy. Uncredible acceleration and agility on the bends.

Moreover, in opposite to HQ props, they are very hard to break. Typically after a crash, they just incurve slightly and it's easy to straighten them). 

We were flying on DAL T5045 propellers them during World Drone Prix in Dubai and they didn't fail us. DAL T5045 are trustworthy! 

Available also in red and yellow colours. 

Produkt tymczasowo niedostępny, ale już do nas leci!

Wybierz wariant i podaj e-mail, a powiadomimy Cię, gdy znów pojawi się na stanie :)