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Gens Ace Tattu 4s 75C 1550 mAh

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33.00 28.00

This brand needs no introduction - it's a symbol of quality in all RC sports. Gens Ace Tattu aren't cheap, but if you want to fly on the batteires chosen by proffesionalists, there is no other choice. 75C is pure evil! :)

We chose this particular model to our offer, because its size is almost identical like 1300 mAh battery, but the kick is slightly larger. 

Of course, to fully exploit the potential of these batteries, we recommend you good motors (Cobra or RCX 2205) and regulators (20 A and more). You will not be disappointed :)


- Voltage: 14,8 V

- Number of cells: 4

- Capacity: 1550 mAh

- Solid discharge: 75C

- Peak discharge: 150C

- Dimensions: 71 mm x 34 mm x 34 mm

- Weight: 175.2 g

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