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RR210 - Power Distribution Board [PDB]

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Dedicated PDB for RR210. One of the smallest and smartest out there - fits perfectly into the lower plate, so it doesn't really take any space and its 100% safe. It has everything you'll ever need: 

2 linear BECs: 5V (0,5A) i 12V (1A)
- 5V is for powering FC and mic (if you use it). 12V is perfect for powering your FPV system (vtx + camera). Linear BEC greatly reduces the interferences caused by "dirty current", so you won't be really needing LC filter anymore.

Double copper layer
- Thanks to extra layer of copper this small PDB can go over 100A in peaks !

Integrated LED
- Its on the bottom of PDB for absolutely no reason... apart from the fact it looks just AWESOME! The light coming from underneath of PDB will illuminate the ground below and let your opponents know they've just been overtaken. Since the LED is hidden on the bottom of the frame its totally safe, so no crash will harm it (unless you crash into the lake :)).

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