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After many months of designing and testing we proudly present our very own flight controller that will satisfy even the most demanding racers!

RACEBASE FC works on super fast F3 series, STM32 processor (STM32F303CCT6) with MPU-6000 sensor (SPI connection, sampling rate: 8Khz).

The first thing that distinguishes it from the rest is a built-in OSD based on MAX7456 chip (same as in minimOSD) with voltage, range (RSSI), flight time and nick display. But that's just the beginning - you can actually access your FC settings (Betaflight/ Cleanflight) though the OSD menu and change settings like PIDs, RATEs, EXPO, etc - yes, that means you absolutely don't need a computer in the field to perfectly tune your quad. 

That's not all - RACEBASE FC features build in Video Filter that protects the board from electricity spikes and guarantees crystal clear video feed (when your FPV system is hooked to FC). The board also has integrated 5V BEC which allows powering the FC directly from the battery (3-4s). Which means technically you don't need any extra BECs on your setup ! Isn't that just beautiful ? :).

Still not enough? RACEBASE FC has also build in 64Mbit SPI Flash memory for your Blackbox logs. 
You can also say goodbye to pile of cables on your FC - RACEBASE has pads exactly where they are meant to be (ECS pads in the corners, camera in the front, etc).

RACEBASE FC was designed and assembled in Poland only from best and tested components.
Used and recommended by some of the best pilots in the world - now it's available to you! 

Processor: 32-bitowy STM32 seria F3 (STM32F303CCT6)
Input voltage: 5V - 17.4V
Weight: 6 g
Size: 36 mm x 36 mm x 5 mm
Included: gyroscope, accelerometerblackbox
Additional options: OSD, video filter, RSSI, voltage monitoring with alarm, flight logs, 
programmable LED's, smartport communication, compatible with current sensor 
Recommended software: BETAFLIGHT (available HERE).

ROTORACER Racebase FC on YouTube:

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